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Be gone Scratch-n-Itch Lotion

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Be gone Scratch-n-Itch Lotion

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Be gone Scratch-n-Itch Lotion, formerly named Rusto Lotion, is one of two of the best selling products made by Washington Homeopathic Products. The other best seller is Be gone Poison Ivy, formerly named Rhus Tox 4x Poison Ivy Pills. For years people have used these products with great success.  If it wasn't good, it would not still be around after all these years.

Indications:: A topical application to relieve the itching and exudation of poison ivy. It also works well for athlete's foot and insect bites/stings.

Directions: Spray on affected area. Keep away from eyes. EXTERNAL USE ONLY

Ingredients:: Grindelia Tincture HPUS and Camphora 6X HPUS, 27% alcohol & purified water

2 oz. Spray Bottle