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Be gone Warts & Tired Feet Ointment

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Be gone Warts & Tired Feet Ointment

Be gone Warts and Tired Feet Ointment is specifically formulated for warts, corns and calluses. This homeopathic products also revitalizes tired and sore feet.

Directions: Rub on affected area twice a day until relief is established.

1.7 oz tube

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY - Avoid contact with eyes

Active Ingredient: HPUS Thuja Occ. 1X
Inactive Ingredient: Equal parts of Lanolin and Petroleum*

*The petrolatum used in our base is pharmaceutical (USP) grade, which means it goes through a purification process to remove impurities. Petrolatum is traditionally used in homeopathic topical applications because it creates a seal allowing the active homeopathic ingredients to be absorbed by the skin.