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Hekla Lava Pills (Hecla Lava)

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Hekla Lava Pills (Hecla Lava)

Label Indication: Toothache

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Potencies Available: Pills: 14X to 30X, 10C to 30C, 200C, 1M

Ingredients: HPUS Hekla Lava; sucrose pills (sugar ± 80%, lactose ±20%)

Approximately 900 pills size #25

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    What I ordered was 16X (8C) and 18X (9C) Hekla...

    Posted by Kathryne P. on 29th Dec 2020

    What I ordered was 16X (8C) and 18X (9C) Hekla Lava pills. My daughter has a congenital bone disorder, called HME. This remedy along with Calc Fluor 6X takes away all her pain and we have been able to avoid surgery thus far. 9C Hekla is the potent dose for removing the tumors, but it has an aggravation period that she has to get through, it is painful. I use the 8C to provide the energetic preparation for the 9C to work. No new tumors since I started using this combination with Calc Fluor since about 5 years ago. Latest X-rays gotten about 1 year ago show original tumors absorbed by thicker bone at the ends of the long bones, but she has developed peduncular stalks now. As a person ages with HME, these "cave straws" get more numerous. I continue to work with the remedies at higher potencies as well, such as 30C and 200C.