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Homeopet Feline Skin and Itch - 15 ml

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Homeopet Feline Skin and Itch - 15 ml

INDICATIONS: Feline Skin and Itch provides temporary relief from constant scratching, itching, gnawing, hair loss and bald belly caused by allergies. Helps to detoxify the skin from the inside, leaving the coat thick and shiny. Atopy or other allergic conditions. Flea and insect bites, grass, pollen and house-dust allergies, airborne allergies and seasonal allergies. May be used as an adjunct treatment in manage. Also can be used as a support treatment of eczema, pyoderma & seborrhea which are allergy related.


  • Constantly scratches
  • Biting, licking, chewing, gnawing
  • Skin irritation and/or eruptions
  • Hair loss

Cruelty Free Ingredients:

  • Apis Mellifica                      Mezereum
  • Arsenicum Album                Pulex Irritans
  • Caladium Seguinum             Rhus Toxicodendron
  • Cantharis                            Sepia
  • Culex Musca                       Staphysagria
  • Dolichos                             Sulphur
  • Hyoscyamus                       Urtica Urens
  • Lachesis

                       20% USP alc. in purified water

Dosage Information:

  • Kittens less than 1 lb - 2 drops in at least 8 oz of water
  • 1 to 20 lbs - 5 drops
  • over 20 lbs - 10 drops

Use 3 single doses daily to start and cut back with improvement of symptoms to twice daily and eventually once daily. Remedy may be discontinued when symptoms are no longer present. Each remedy comes in a 15 ml liquid dropper bottle and may be dosed directly into the mouth, in food/treat or in water/milk. There are approximately 350-375 drops per bottle.