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Natrum Carbonicum

Natrum Carbonicum is a homeopathic remedy for head congestion, headache from sun, great debility caused by summer heat, dry cough. Dry cough, when coming into warm room from out of doors. Old sprains, great weakness of limbs, especially in morning. Easy dislocation and spraining of ankles.  Modalities:: WORSE from heat of sun; 5 a.m.; alternate days; music; mental or bodily exertion; milk; diatetic errors; vegetable diet; starchy food; cold drinks when overheated; aversion to cold air; drafts; getting wet; damp weather; change of weather; storms; during full moon. BETTER eating; rubbing; motion; pressure; wiping with hand; boring into nose or ears with fingers; sweating. SOURCE: Robin Murphy Lotus Materia Medica

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