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Selenium Metallicum

Selenium Metallicum is a homeopathic remedy for debilitygreat debility; worse, heat. Easy exhaustion, mental and physical, in old age. Debility after exhausting diseases. Skin eruptions. Dry, scaly eruption in palms, with itching, itching about the ankles and folds of skin, between fingers. Hoarse cough. Hoarseness. Cough in morning, with expectoration of bloody mucus. Hoarseness of singers. Much clear, starchy mucus Worse loss of sleep; night watching; touch; after sleep; singing; draft of air (even if warm); after stools; wine; cinchona; pressure; motion; rest; mental exertion; seminal losses; open air; hot weather; sun and with the sun's increase; every afternoon (headache). Better after sunset; inhaling cool air; cold water into mouth. SOURCE: Boericke Materia Medica

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