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Senega Officinalis

Senega Officinalis is a homeopathic remedy for chest cold, cough with thick mucus. Hoarseness. Hurts to talk. Bursting pain in back on coughing. Catarrh of larynx. Loss of voice. Hacking cough. Thorax feels too narrow. Cough often ends in a sneeze. Rattling in chest. Difficult raising of tough, profuse mucus, in the aged. Worse inhaling air; open air; cold; wind; walking in open air; going up stairs; touch and pressure; rubbing; rest; stooping; bending forward; morning and night; warm air in warm room; looking intently at an object. Better walking in open air; rest helps dry cough; sweat; bending head backwards. SOURCE: Boericke Materia Medica

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