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Spigelia Anthelmia

The homeopathic remedy Spigelia Anthelmia is for headache. Pain beneath frontal eminence and temples, extending to eyes. Semi-lateral, involving left eye; pain violent, throbbing; worse, making a false step. Pain as if a band around head. Constipation, frantic, indigestion, irritability, vomiting. Spigelia is used for frontal headache with pain extending to eyes, pain in moving eyes, chronic catarrh with post-nasal discharge of bland mucus, foul odor from mouth, facial pain in eye, cheek, teeth, temple, violent palpitation, difficult breathing relieved by lying on right side with head elevated, worms. Symptoms include stabbing pain, sensitive to touch, chilly. Modalities:: WORSE touch; motion; noise; washing. BETTER lying on right side with head elevated; breathing in. SOURCE: Robin Murphy Materia Medica

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