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Anxiety/Panic Attacks

The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice.  They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

The following remedies can be of tremendous help in helping to calm and regain control of stressful situations. Choose the remedy that fits the closest to the symptoms exhibited.

Aconite -- Monkshood
Great fear and anxiousness with every ailment no matter how trivial. Thinks he is going to die; fears death; fears the future, crowds. Has restlessness. Extreme anxiety may have strong palpitations, flushed face, shortness of breath, and shaking. Better - open air. Worse - warm room; evening, and, especially at night; lying on affected side; music; tobacco smoke; dry, cold winds.
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Argentum Nitricum -- Nitrate of Silver
Anticipation of something can bring on apprehension and fear, i.e., going to the dentist, taking a test, etc. This is accompanied by diarrhea. There is fear of heights and flying. Argentum Nit. has an irresistible desire for sugar. There may be uncoordination and loss of balance. Better - fresh air, cool air; cold; hard pressure; motion; bending double. Worse - mental strain and worry; warmth; lying on right side; looking down; drinking; crowds; riding.
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Arsenicum Album -- Arsenious Acid
Great restlessness; must change place continually. Is obsessive over trivial things. Has fear of death, of being left alone. Fear is accompanied with cold sweat. Can be suicidal and can also have hallucinations involving smell and sight. Panic attacks usually happen around midnight and very early morning hours.
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Calcarea Carbonica -- Carbonate of Lime
Apprehensive, worse in evening; anxiety with palpitation. Fears loss of reason, misfortune; forgetful, confused. Averse to work or exertion. Person may have fear of heights. The Calcarea person is usually someone who is overwhelmed from work or an illness, may be chilly and desires sweets. Better - dry climate/weather; lying on painful side; head pain is better from sneezing. Worse - exertion (both mental and physical); ascending; cold; water; washing; moist air; during full moon; standing.
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Gelsemium -- Yellow Jasmine
Stage fright; emotional excitement, feeling paralyzed from fear. Feels as if falling, fear of crowds, tests, dentists, etc. There may be chills, perspiration, diarrhea and headache. Better - bending forward; profuse urination; open air; continued motion; stimulants. Worse - damp weather; fog; before a thunderstorm; emotion or excitement; bad news; smoking; thinking of ailments; 10 am.
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Ignatia Amara -- St. Ignatius Bean
Illness comes on after grief, disappointment, shock, loneliness and even criticism. There will be frequent sighing. The person is tearful, sad and melancholic. Better - While eating; change of position. Worse - morning; open air; after meals; coffee; smoking; liquids; external warmth.
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Kali Phosoricum -- Phosphate of Potassium
Nervous dread; starts easily. Night terrors. Lethargy and depression. Irritable. Feels unable to cope. There may be insomnia and difficulty in concentration. Better - Warmth; rest; food. Worse - excitement; worry; exertion (both mental and physical); eating; cold; early morning.
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Lycopodium -- Club Moss
Afraid to be alone; apprehensive; fear of breaking down due to stress; annoyed at trifles; extremely sensitive; loss of self-confidence; weak memory. There is a fear of failure; they may be irritable, have digestive upsets including gas and bloating. They crave sweets. Better - Motion; after midnight; warm food and drink; getting cold; being uncovered. Worse - Right side; illness goes from right to left and above to downward; 4 pm to 8 pm; heat; warm room; bed; warm applications (except for throat and stomach which are better from warm drinks).
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Natrum Muriaticum -- Chloride of Sodium
Irritable; gets upset over nothing. Consolation aggravates; wants to be alone to cry. Feel ill at ease in social situations and are easily hurt which can lead to brooding. They harbor grudges and dwell on unhappy events. In contrast, they can be sympathetic to the problems of others. They may fear robbers or intruders, are anxious at night, have migraines and may have insomnia. Better - open air; cold bathing; skipping meals; lying on right side; pressure against the back; tight clothing. Worse - Noise; music; warm room; taking a rest about 10 am; seashore; consolation; mental exertion.
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The person is easily startled. They are excitable, restless, fidgety. Over-sensitive to external impressions. Loss of memory. Fearfulness as if something were creeping out of every corner. Fear of thunderstorms, electrical changes, loud noises. They like a lot of company. They may have palpitations and they desire ice cold drinks. Better - Dark; lying on right side; cold food; open air; washing with cold water; sleep. Worse - touch; exertion (both mental and physical); evening; warm food or drink; change of weather; lying on painful side.
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Pulsatilla -- Wind Flower
Fears to be alone and also fears the dark. Weeps easily; timid; likes sympathy; highly emotional; changeable. The pulsatilla person is clingy and whiny. Better - open air; motion; cold applications; cold food and drinks but not thirsty. Worse - heat; rich food; fatty foods; after eating; warm room; lying on left side; towards evening
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Rescue Remedy -- Bach Flower Combination
This formulation of different Bach Flowers produces a calming effect and can be used for any kind of emotional trauma as well as for anxiety.
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