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Important Product Changes

13th Nov 2019

Beginning January 2020, my manufacturer will start selling SINGLE REMEDIES in one bottle size and one pill size only. The remedies will be available in 4 dram vials with pill size #25. Also, liquid re … read more

Liquid Remedies vs Pill Form

31st Oct 2018

I have often been asked which is better – remedy taken in liquid or in pill form. I just read an article on that particular subject. The article states that a manuscript was found that was written … read more
Summertime Homeopathic Remedies

Summertime Homeopathic Remedies

10th Jun 2018

Summer's Coming and with it comes lots of physical activity. To help you take care of strains, sprains, and soreness, we have a list of homeopathic remedies you should have with you even when … read more