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Holiday Health: Homeopathy for Emotional Distress

Holiday Health: Homeopathy for Emotional Distress

14th Nov 2018

It's holiday time and many people struggle just to get through it. Instead of being a time to enjoy family and friends, it turns into a time of sadness, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and over stressed. Hopefully, you won’t need any remedies but if you do, here's a list to choose from. You can also check out our selection of Bach Flower Remedies for other various symptoms.

Homeopathy for Holiday Depression

Homeopathy for Sadness/Grief

Homeopathy for Holiday Sadness

Holiday depression is a major concern during this time of year. Too many people feel so sad and lonely during the holidays whether it’s due to loss of a loved one due to death, divorce or break up, or, if you can’t be with those you love. Try Ignatia. It is a major grief remedy and a key indication is sighing. This is the remedy for someone who can’t overcome their loss. For a deep depression with thoughts of suicide, use Aurum Metallicum and get professional help.

Homeopathy for Anger/Resentment

Homeopathy for Holiday Resentment

  • Staphysagria - You may not want to see certain people because of insults, slights, etc. Staphysagria can help you to "deal with it".
  • Natrum Mur should be considered also if the person is holding a grudge. Consolation aggravates. People needing Natrum Mur tend to eat a lot of salt.
  • Homeopathy for Anxiety

    Homeopathy for Anxiety

  • Lycopodium - just wants everything to go off without a hitch if they are hosting an event. There is self-doubt and low self-esteem. Lycopodium people like sweets.
  • Arsenicum - wants everything to be just perfect. There is restlessness and anxiety; ailment is worse from midnight to 2 am.
  • Argentum Nit - there will be restlessness with pacing. This remedy is also good for stage fright.
  • Gelsemium - nervous anticipation but person just sits and thinks about it. Another remedy for stage fright.
  • Aconite - Fearful that things won't go as planned. The key word here is "fear".
  • Coffea Cruda - Cannot settle down at bedtime because they had a stimulant earlier.

    Homeopathy for Children

    Homeopathic Remedies for Children

  • If they become irritable with crying, screaming and don't know what they want, give them Chamomilla.
  • Coffea Cruda is for children who are all wound up and unable to sleep.
  • Don’t forget these same remedies apply to your PETS. With people tramping through the house, plenty of food to get to, even having to travel, pets can get stressed out and also depressed if they have lost someone they loved.