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Liquid Remedies vs Pill Form

31st Oct 2018

I have often been asked which is better – remedy taken in liquid or in pill form. I just read an article on that particular subject. The article states that a manuscript was found that was written by Samuel Hahnemann (the father of homeopathy) towards the end of his life. In it he recommended taking the wet dose for ACUTE conditions. 

Samuel Hahnemann Manuscript

Wet Dose

Wet Dose Homeopathic Remedy

To make a wet dose from pills, you can take one or two pills and put them in 4 oz of water. You then take a teaspoon of that mixture for a dose. You would take it every 20 or 30 minutes.

Stirring the remedy before taking each subsequent dose will raise the potency slightly. You should see an improvement after a few doses. If not, then you might have to change the remedy or take a higher potency of that remedy if you are sure it is the correct remedy.

Hahnemann stated that the remedy in water acted faster than the dry dose. One theory is that putting it in water makes it reach more nerve endings. As soon as it touches the mucous membranes it starts to work.

Dry Dose

Placing the pills directly under the tongue allows the remedy to come into direct contact with the mucous membranes. And since you may not always have access to water, taking a dry dose may be your only option. In my personal experience, when bleeding was involved, I have repeated the remedy (dry dose) within minutes of the first dose. After the second dose, the bleeding stopped. The remedy, if correctly chosen, will work and you should see an improvement after several doses.

The preference is yours to choose. And circumstances can certainly dictate whether you are able to use wet or dry dose. No matter what form, the correctly chosen remedy will work.