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Homeopathic Remedies for Starting the School Year!

Homeopathic Remedies for Starting the School Year!

29th Aug 2018

It’s back to school time! From new social interactions to not wanting to leave home, beginning a new school year can cause some emotional distress for your little loved ones. Here are some homeopathic remedies for children to ease the fear of going back to school, anxiety of new situations, low self confidence in ones own intelligence, and more. Click the name of each remedy to go to its corresponding information page!

Back to School Homeopathic Remedies

Baryta carbonica:

Over sensitivity of all senses; difficulty with speech; not reacting react well to strangers or change; and finding social interaction very challenging, disruptive behaviour, clingy.This is one of the most common medicines for children with learning delays and disabilities. A fear of being ridiculed.


Phosphorus Homeopathic Remedy

Child likes being center of attention, can appear to be precocious. They cry easily and are the most fearful of children – afraid of the dark, thunderstorms, monsters. Nightmares are common and need the comfort of a parent in the room to fall asleep. They have a love for cold drinks and also a love for eating ice cubes.

Calcarea Carb:

Homeopathic Remedy for Memory

Slower in learning and poor recall. Developmental skills take a bit longer than other children to learn. They can become obsessed with finishing a task and with have a tantrum if not allowed to finish the task. They can become loners at school because they cannot make friends easily and become sad and withdrawn. Fear of the dark, and insects. The child may have frequent coughs and colds as well as middle ear infections. They like starchy food but may have a dislike for slimy food or milk. Prone to constipation be drinking milk can cause diarrhea. They are happy and easy-going but can get very anxious and worry about small things. Easily distracted from their worries. Calcarea Carb tend to perspire when sleeping, particularly around the head.


Pulsatilla Nigricans Homeopathic Remedy

Pulsatilla children are shy and cry easily. They are clingy and fearful needing to be held when upset. They can be very reserved in a new situation but their confidence returns if they are befriended by another child. Anxiety makes them excessively clingy and whiny. When sleeping, they have disturbing dreams and twitchy limbs. Older children can become very quiet and moody. Pulsatillas have chest coughs, colds and middle ear infections. They love pastry, ice cream, fat foods but are generally thirstless. They also like sympathy.

Natrum Mur:

Natrum muriaticum child is very neat – they keep their rooms neat, clothes neat, etc. They are often very polite and a little reserved. They are very sensitive to criticism and hate making mistakes. They do not like to cry in public – will cry when they are alone. Sympathy makes it worse. Natrum Murs hold grudges. They like activities they can do alone


Homeopathic Remedy Fear of Anticipation

Child may start trembling, stuttering, unable to think correctly. This remedy is for fear from anticipation. Just thinking about a stressful situation makes the person fearful. Whether it be from starting school, giving a speech or anything else which causes extreme anxiety, this remedy is very useful. You can give this remedy the night before whatever event is causing anxiety and again the next morning.

Arsenicum alb:

This is a restless remedy. The fear brings on restlessness. The person keeps busy. The child may organize their school supplies, clothes, etc.


This is also a remedy for extreme fear and restlessness. Can be given for panic attacks.


One dose of 30C for 3 consecutive days. If no improvement, try different remedy.