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Mental Exhaustion

The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice.  They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Inability to think or concentrate. It can be brought on by stress, i.e., overwork, overstudy, grief. Also called brain fag. The brain is tired, fatigued because of being overworked. Symptoms include forgetfulness, unable to concentrate and feeling dazed. The remedies listed below can help this condition.

AETHUSA CYNAPIUM -- Fool's Parsley
Inability to think or focus attention. Feels like they are in a stupor. Weepy. May have an intolerance to milk.
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Absent mindedness; forgetfulness. Mentally exhausted after studying for exams. May be inclined to swear.
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ARNICA MONTANA -- Leopard's Bane
Jet lag. Restless. Person cannot remember what has just been read. Says nothing is wrong with him.
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KALI PHOSPHORICUM -- Potassium Phosphate
Weak and tired. Prostration. Caused by worry, overwork or excitement. Irritable; shy. Insomnia from worry.
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PHOSPHORIC ACID -- Phosphoric Acid
Apathetic, indifferent. Can't find the right word or seem to collect his thoughts. Craves refreshing or juicy things.
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Dread of failure at exams. Lack of willpower to undertake anything; listlessness; feeling of heaviness. Aversion to food. 
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SILICEA (SILICA) -- Pure Flint
Loss of self confidence; easily startled. Sensitive to cold, noise and may perspire. Cannot express himself correctly.
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Easily muddled. Weak memory. Sensitivity to noise. May repeat questions before answering them. Restlessness of legs and feet.
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