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The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice.  They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Neuritis is inflammation of a nerve. Neuralgia is the paroxysmal pain extending along the course of the nerve. Symptoms include shooting pain, tingling or numbness, pins and needles sensation. The remedies listed below are just a few that can treat this problem.

Pain flares up after exposure to cold. Numbness and tingling, shooting pains. Affected area feels congested. Worse from cold winds, dry weather; evening and night. Better in open air and rest.
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ARSENICUM ALBUM -- Arsenious Acid
Burning pains. Anxiety, restlessness and exhaustion. Chilliness. Worse right side; midnight and after midnight. Worse every 14 days.
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COLOCYNTHIS -- Bitter Apple
Acts especially on the long nerves such as tri-facial and sciatic as well as spinal. Pain is violent, cutting. Better from hard pressure and warmth. May be worsened by anger, grief, cold.
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Injuries to fingers and toes as well as the tailbone. Pains are burning, tingling; numbness. Aching in sciatic nerve after sitting for long period of time. Worse change of weather; cold and damp; motion; close room. Better lying on face; bending back; bending head back; rubbing.
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MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA -- Magnesium Phosphate
Facial neuralgia worse from when the body gets cold from washing with cold water; on opening mouth to eat or drink. Sciatic pain with tender feet. Pains shift. Worse from cold air; night; uncovering; water; right side; touch; milk. Better from pressure; heat/warmth.
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Herpes zoster (shingles). Burning and intense itching. Worse from open air, cold; rain; change of position; standing; breathing; touch; evening and morning. Better standing or sitting leaning forward. 
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