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Silicea (Silica, Most Commonly Sold)

The homeopathic remedy Silicea (Silica) is for formation of pus, boils, abscesses, confusion, constipation, itching, overwork. Silicea hastens suppuration making it one of the foremost remedies used for boils and abscesses.It can also help to eliminate splinters.The person needing Silicea is cold and wants plenty of warmth; lacks self confidence, shy, sensitive. The child is obstinate and stubborn. It is used also for ill effects of vaccinations (see also Thuja). Modalities::  WORSE cold, drafts, change of weather; uncovering; bathing; lying down, lying on left side. BETTER warmth, wrapping up the head; summer, in wet or humid weather. SOURCE: Boericke Materia Medica

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