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WHP Be gone Poison Ivy Pills

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Be Gone Poison Ivy Pills

Washington Homeopathic Products has been manufacturing Be gone Poison Ivy Pills, formerly called Rhus Tox 4x Poison Ivy Pills, for over 70 years. People who have great sensitivity to poison ivy have used this product with great success. It is used as a treatment for poison ivy and similar conditions.

1 oz bottle

Indications:: Poison Ivy and poison ivy-like conditions characterized by blisters, vesicles, redness, itching, swelling. 

Directions: Adults: 2 pills. Children: 1 pill. Dissolve on tongue every 2 hours for 4 doses and then for every 3 or 4 hours.

Ingredients: HPUS Rhus Tox 4X; sucrose/lactose pills

Contents: over 300 Pills

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  • 5
    These work!!

    Posted by Lynn B. on 8th Aug 2023

    I had poison ivy really bad from trimming hedges by my house. I got it every year but this year it was really extra bad. I was on vacation in Hot Springs Arkansas and finally had to get some thing for it. The itching was driving me crazy and I was broken out all over. I stopped in a health food store and told them my problem. The owner recommended this product. I took them as directed and within a couple days my poison ivy was drying up. Since that time I have never gotten Poison ivy again even though it’s in several places around my yard. I ordered this new bottle not because I have poison ivy, but as a preventative as I am going to be working in a section of my yard, that is full of poison ivy.

  • 3

    Posted by Marion B. on 16th Jul 2023

    this time the pills did not help like the first time.

  • 5
    Great for...

    Posted by Rhonda D. on 7th Jun 2023

    These pills work. They are great!

  • 5
    The best spring helper!

    Posted by Leah B. on 6th May 2023

    The best spring helper!

  • 5
    Be Gone Poison Ivy and...

    Posted by Ellen R. on 1st May 2023

    My neighbor and I both used it to treat a case of Poison Oak in California and had good relief. I now use it preventatively.

  • 5
    Great stuff..

    Posted by arthur a on 7th Sep 2022

    It was tough to keep those little pills under my tongue..but it did the trick fast..thank you

  • 5
    Be gone Poison Ivy...

    Posted by Stephen G. on 1st Jul 2022

    Be gone Poison Ivy Pills

  • 5
    Have used it for years. Keeps me from getting it.

    Posted by Sherry T. on 28th Jun 2022

    Have used it for years. Keeps me from getting it.

  • 5

    Posted by Mary on 21st Jun 2022

    They work great