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HomeoPet® is a revolution for animal health. Using clinically proven, homeopathic pharmaceutical medicines to treat chronic and acute illness.


Under 1 lb: 1 or 2 drops in drinking water daily
1 to 20 lbs: 5 drops = 1 dose
21 to 100 lbs: 10 drops = 1 dose
Over 101 lbs: 15 drops = 1 dose

Acute Dosing: Sudden onset - One dose of the remedy may be given every 15 minutes up to 4 doses. For travel anxiety, remedy may be started 1 or 2 hours before traveling.

Chronic Dosing: Start with 3 doses daily and gradually cut back number of doses as condition improves. When noticeable improvement is seen, stop the remedy altogether. Continue remedy if condition returns.

Avian applications: A caged bird can be medicated with one (1) to two (2) drops in the drinking water daily.

Each remedy comes in a 15 ml liquid dropper bottle and may be dosed directly into the mouth, in food/treat or in water/milk. There are approximately 450 drops per bottle. For a pet under 20 lbs/10 kg one bottle will last 3-4 weeks, dosing 3 times daily. For a pet 20-100 lbs/10-50 kg, one bottle will last 10 – 13 days at 3 doses daily.

HomeoPet formulas are fast acting, non-sedating and non-habit forming.

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