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Summertime Homeopathic Remedies

Summertime Homeopathic Remedies

10th Jun 2018

Summer's Coming and with it comes lots of physical activity. To help you take care of strains, sprains, and soreness, we have a list of homeopathic remedies you should have with you even when traveling.

Arnica Montana Homeopathic Remedy

ARNICA Montana – for strains and sprains. For the sudden swelling and bruised feeling, Arnica should be first on your list to take. It should be taken as soon as possible after the injury. It absorbs blood, reduces swelling and relieves the pain. Arnica can also be used before and after swimming, exercise, gardening or any other strenuous physical activity

Rhus Tox Homeopathic Remedy

RHUS TOX – After taking Arnica for the sprained or strained ligaments, follow it with Rhus Tox to further the healing. A key note of Rhus Tox is BETTER WITH MOVEMENT.

BeGone Sore Muscles Homeopathic OintmentBeGone Lil Bumps and Bruises Homeopathic Ointment

Be gone Sore Muscles Ointment and Be gone Li'l Bruises and Bumps are 2 topicals you can use to supplement the remedies above.

Ruta Graveolens Homeopathic Remedy

RUTA GRAVEOLENS – for eye strain whether it be from the computer, video games or reading. Use it also for voice strain if you are cheering on your favorite team, singing, etc. Follow it with Arum Triphyllum to restore your voice.

Our next Blog will have more remedies for you to keep on hand for your Summer Fun.