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New 200C - 50 Remedy Kit

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200C Remedy Kit of 50 Homeopathic Remedies

50 Remedy 200C Kit -

Looking for a high potency kit? We have one! The 200C kit is the higher potency version of the 30C Kit. In these uncertain health times, it is best to be prepared. When your homeopathic doctor prescribes a 200C potency, you may just have it on hand.  And, of course, kit refills are available, also.

Each kit comes with a Remedy Guide insert - the bottles are 1/2 dram vials filled with #15 granules. A granule is about the size of a poppy seed. There are about 350 granules in each vial.

Inactive ingredients: Sucrose (cane sugar) 80%, Lactose (milk sugar) 20%.

This kit measures 5 3/4" x 3" x 1 3/4"

Click here for 30C 50 Remedy Kit 

Contents: All 200C

  Aesculus Hipp. 
  Allium Cepa
  Antimonium Crudum
  Apis Mel.
  Arnica Mont.
  Arsenicum Alb.

  Berberis Vulg.

 Calcarea Carb.
 Coffea Crudum
 Eupatorium Perf.

 Ferrum Phos.
 Hepar Sulph. Calc.
 Kali Bich.
 Kali Carb.

 Kali Mur.
  Kali Phos.
  Magnesia Phos.
  Natrum Mur.
  Nux Vomica
  Phosporicum Ac.

 Podophyllum Pelt.
 Rhus Tox.
 Ruta Grav.