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Phosphoricum Acidum**

The homeopathic remedy Phosphoricum Acidum is for headache, confusion, exhaustion, indifference, mental fatigue. Phosphoric Acid. is used for debility - both mental and physical. Also for rapid growth in young people, flatulence, hair loss, diarrhea and other conditions. Symptoms include slowness of mind and senses, pain goes to part lain on, sensitivity to light, sound and odors, sense of pressure. Modalities:: WORSE exertion; loss of vital fluids; being talked to. BETTER warmth. SOURCE: Robin Murphy Lotus Materia Medica

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**The manufacturer is currently sourcing the raw material(s)/ingredient(s) for this remedy/product. It is temporarily unavailable until ~July 2021. Any updates will be posted on our website ASAP.

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