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Pulsatilla Nigricans (Pulsatilla)

The homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla Nigricans (Pulsatilla) is for weeping, indecision, cold symptoms, earache, fever, headache, allergies, goutdebility, insomnia, indigestion. Dry cough in evening and at night; must sit up in bed to get relief; and loose cough in the morning, with copious mucous expectoration. Pressure upon the chest and soreness. Great soreness of epigastrium. Urine emitted with cough. Pulsatilla is changeable - symptoms change; changeable nature. The patient seeks the open air; always feels better there, even though he is chilly. The person needing Pulsatilla may be weepy, thirstless, chilly, peevish, emotional; colds with runny nose, sinus, styesDischarges thick, bland, and yellowish-green. Painful menses. Modalities:: WORSE heat; rich fat food; warm room; rest; sun. BETTER cool, fresh open air; motion; cold applications; continued motion; pressure; cold food and drinks but not thirsty. SOURCE: Boericke Materia Medica

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