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WHP Be gone Sore Muscles Ointment

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WHP Be gone Sore Muscles Ointment

 Be gone Sore Muscles (formerly Bumps and Bruises) promotes the healing of muscle soreness due to overexertion and also bruising from injury. Use before exercising, gardening, sports or any activity that might cause sore muscles or sore backs.

Directions: Apply locally and rub in. Do not use on open wounds.

2 oz tube

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY - Avoid contact with eyes. Not for open wounds.

Ingredients: HPUS: 11% Arnica Montana 1X in a base of 50/50% Lanolin/Petrolatum.*

*The petrolatum used in our base is pharmaceutical (USP) grade, which means it goes through a purification process to remove impurities. Petrolatum is traditionally used in homeopathic topical applications because it creates a seal allowing the active homeopathic ingredients to be absorbed by the skin.